Autodesk Maya 2012 Hot Fix 1

All Maya 2012 users will be pleased to hear that Autodesk have just released their Maya 2012 Hotfix 1.

According to Autodesk this hot fix includes enhancements to Python scripting with a new Maya Python API 2.0. This new API is said to perform better and faster and is very similar to the previous Python API, so it should make it fairly straight forward to transition over to this one. 

This hotfix also includes an updated DMM plug-in for Maya from Pixelux Entertainment that lets artists solve up to 2,500 tetrahedrals. On Apple Mac OS X and Linux operating systems, DMM now supports performance-improving multithreading.

The update contains the following fixes:

  • DMM no longer stops unexpectedly on Linux systems
  • The DMM shelf item no longer disappears after a Maya session is restored
  • Issues with Passive Regions have been fixed on all platforms

You can find all relevant documentation here.


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Mon 16 May 2011: 11:56am

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