Autodesk Announces Intent to Acquire Scaleform Corporation

Autodesk Announces Intent to Acquire Scaleform Corporation

"Another Autodesk purchase" I hear you cry as the news gets out that a cool $36 million CASH is to be spent on Scaleform

Obviously this acquisition is about getting more of the games pipeline rather than removing competitive products from the market, ala Maya, Softimage. So in theory this is a good thing for games developers. 

We have become used to Autodesk spending money but the acquisitions are not always well received by the industry as one would naturally expect. Lots of people would argue that they would rather see money being spent by Autodesk on bugs or feature sets of existing products. 

Whatever the view of industry this is certainly a way for Autodesk to own more of the game dev pipeline. And of course it doesn't do any harm to the Autodesk share price!

Autodesk is not shy of spending its cash of course, whilst not in the typical M&E spotlight, on 17th Feb 2011 an announcement was made of another $39M CASH being spent on Blue Ridge Numerics.

Interesting times, it would be a wonderful thing to fast forward five years and see how the games / VFX pipelines will look... Whatever they are, Autodesk are sure to be playing a part.

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