Autodesk and Epic Games Team Up to Streamline Autodesk-to-Unreal Workflow with FBX

This is hot off the press from Autodesk at the Games Developers Conference in San Fran... Rather than paraphrase their release, I thought you'd like to see it in its entirety. So here it is:

GAME DEVELOPER'S CONFERENCE,SAN FRANCISCO, March 11, 2010 - Autodesk, Inc. and Epic Games, Inc. have collaborated to provide greater connectivity between Autodesk's art creation and animation tools and Epic's Unreal Engine 3, using Autodesk FBX data interchange technology. Autodesk FBX 2011 offers a faster, more streamlined workflow for transferring content created in Autodesk Maya 2011 and Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 software into Unreal Engine 3 - helping boost production efficiency and preserve creative intent.

"The streamlined interchange of 3D assets between Autodesk art creation tools and Unreal Engine 3 is the result of a long-standing, productive relationship between Autodesk and Epic Games," said Mark Rein, vice president, Epic Games. "The Autodesk FBX file format is a robust standard for rich 3D data exchange within the games community. With this streamlined workflow, FBX should be the first choice for developers using the powerful Unreal Engine 3 when it comes to transferring art from Autodesk software."

New for Unreal Engine 3 licensees and Unreal Development Kit (UDK) users is an FBX importer that enables game developers to import FBX files created in Maya or 3ds Max directly into the Unreal Editor. The importer automatically breaks files down into assets in the Unreal Editor, such as level of detail (LOD) information, animations, character meshes, character rigs, and models. In addition, if a 3D model is updated in 3ds Max or Maya, a new FBX file can be imported into the Unreal Editor where the assets will be automatically refreshed.

"Working with Epic Games, we have taken the once labor-intensive task of importing 3D content into a game engine and turned it into a one-click workflow," said Marc Stevens, Autodesk vice president, Games. "Autodesk software and middleware is designed to integrate into a wide range of games pipelines. We are working in cooperation with leading games companies like Epic to help improve the connectivity between our tools and their engines - making game authoring simpler and more efficient."

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