Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

First there was the Wii Mote from Nintendo which offered a new gaming experience. Now, we have Move from PlayStation using both the PlayStation Eye Camera and Move Controller.

Last weekend, I unpacked my PlayStation "Move", and after the initial setup - which took no time at all - I was up and running playing "Start The Party!" by Supermassive Games. What fun me and the kids had! This controller is extremely responsive and accurate.

My three year old was confidently painting and swatting flies and I couldn't help being amazed that only a few years ago this type of interactivity was only seen in films like Minority Report. Now my kids just think this is the norm. All I had when I was a kid was KerPlunk; now that's what you call tense game play!

Talking of Minority Report... Did any of you catch the interview in The Gadget Show of a Spanish company that is working with a mocap equipment to recreate a minority report computer display system? I wonder if this is the future of interactive computing...

Next on the is horizon is Microsoft's KINECT which has reportedly already sold out on pre-orders.

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