Augmented Reality... Kelly Brooks... Angels Fall...

Augmented Reality... Kelly Brooks... Angels Fall...

OK, so hopefully the title got your attention, and we can get past the Kelly Brook distraction - she's currently "fronting" a new marketing campaign from Lynx "Angels will fall" which is all relevant, honest!

The bit that interested me was the fact that the company has done a great marketing stunt in Victoria station. You can check out the great off in the video above. It's a great example of augmented reality. This is a whole new area of 3D graphics which is now becoming more and more common place.

The BBC has just released a story about augmented reality here. I just think that this opens up a multitude of new applications that 3D artists can get involved in. It also means that advertising can head to places that it has'nt been before. It makes a whole load of things possible: from smart phones, to workstations, to games. Augmented reality is here and too stay, and it's only going to get more pervasive. For my part, I want my heads up display giving me directions and feedback on everything that I'm looking at. But you can forget about virtual pets! Especially a stereo 3D one. Sorry Nintendo...

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Lee Danskin
Mon 9 May 2011: 9:35am

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  • Miles:

    The post work for this part of the Lynx campaign was actually done by our 2009 CG whizz winner Adam Droy. He told a recent batch of Escapee's about his first shoot experience - how he got to meet Kelly Brook when we did our tour around the Mill as part of the last mentored visual effects course.

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