Attack of the giant...Gromits?

Attack of the giant...Gromits?

Taking a break from his cheese-fuelled escapades, Aardman’s principal pooch Gromit is on sabbatical for a while and is scampering off to help a good cause out.

Nick Park, Aardman’s Head honcho spoke to the BBC last week to announce the release of 60 giant blank models of Gromit that have been sent out to artists worldwide to create their own doggy designs. 

The finished products will be displayed around Bristol next year before being auctioned off, with the proceeds going to Bristol’s Children’s Hospital.

For more information on the "Gromit Unleashed" project take a look at their website or keep up to date with their twitter, or if you are an artist and you want to get involved with the project you can apply here.

We look forward to seeing the mini makeovers of our favourite canine critter!

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