Assimilate BBQ Date Change...

Assimilate BBQ Date Change...

We are sad to have to tell you that due to our demand for such a massive amount of beef for our BBQ, Argentina has told us that they don’t have enough cows.

So we regret to tell you that we have had to postpone the Assimilate BBQ Round Two until the 4th October when there will be enough steak in South America to fill your grumbling stomachs.

But never fear…the event is still taking place at the same venue, The Shepherd’s Bar, Shepherd’s Bush, on the 4th of October!

We can promise you it will be worth the wait! And if you are yet to register you can still do so.

See you on the 4th!

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Tim Flett
Fri 17 Aug 2012: 11:30am

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