Are You 'Dredd'ing It?

Are You 'Dredd'ing It?

Usually, comic book adaptations tend to be successful at the box office; Spiderman, Batman, The Hulk, The Avengers to name a few. However, there are exceptions; Green Lantern, Elektra and of course, Judge Dredd. Judge Dredd looked promising, we all love a bit of Stallone but the actual outcome, to put it nicely, didn’t quite live up to expectations.

However, the comic book was apparently not condemned, as a trailer for an updated Judge Dredd has been released, simply entitled ‘Dredd.’ This time, director Pete Travis and writer Alex Garland have decided to concentrate more on the comic character producing a darker, true to form film adaptation.

Dredd (played by Karl Urban) is the law, and takes it upon himself to defeat all the evils that plague his city. Set in the future, expect to see a lot of fast, futuristic automobiles, big guns and explosions and lots of high tech costumes. Urban claims that the updated version will be a ‘gritty hardcore adaption’ from the comics; he had us at ‘gritty.’

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Sophie Collier
Tue 26 Jun 2012: 9:15am

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  • Pete:

  • Sophie Collier:

    Hi Sam! I know, I know, if there's an uproar of Judge Dredd fans I might have to apologise but until then, I love a bit of Stallone, but it just wasn't my cup of tea!

  • Sam Gilmore:

    The original Judge Dredd is an absolute classic of 90's kitch action cinema. How dare you! :)

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