Are you a natural Compositor? Find out on a Taster Day

Are you a natural Compositor? Find out on a Taster Day

Fancy knowing more about compositing? Do you think you might just be a natural compositor? If you'd like to find out more then why not come along to one of our compositing taster days?

Compositing is a crucial part of the Visual Effects pipeline. It's the bit where everything comes together. pipeline, the bit where it all comes together. As a Compositor, you’re the person who has to make sure the shot meets the artistic brief from the
director. You’re the one who’s finessing that creative vision. That final, all important creative milestone – that’s you. The Compositor. The person who naturally looks for the finer detail, who enjoys checking that the colour is ‘just right’, the person who questions whether that ‘hair’ looks part of the scene or not and if not, why not? You’re the person who helps deceive the eye, so the viewer asks, where there any Visual Effects at all?

Combining lots of different elements to make us believe we’re looking at a single scene is no mean feat and it takes highly dedicated individuals to make it happen. Without Compositors we’d never be looking at those gorgeous finished shots we’re so used to seeing. Instead, we’d be looking at the gaudy wires that support actors during actions sequences and shots lacking in any kind of atmosphere or composition. This is the department where the real magic happens through a variety of processes.

So fancy a day trying this out? seeing if it's for you? Places are limited so make sure you register your details now.

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