• April Free Tutorial

Intermediate Level Free Tutorial; Scurrying Scarab Beetles

Think "The Mummy" and you'll be on the right track for this month's free tutorial.
Our VFX magician and tutor Dan Shutt will demonstrate how to animate hundreds of scarab beetles using a combination of goal objects and particle instancing.

What Will I learn?
This tutorial will teach you just one of the many ways it can be done. It's a fairly advanced tutorial but once you've mastered it, you'll be able to apply the technique to any object: leaves etc. Adding this skill to your showreel is a must for any VFX artist wanting to impress.


  • Goal objects
  • Enable particles to flow over and follow surface contours
  • Manipulate goal attributes
  • Add additional 'per particle attributes' and use expressions
  • Learn how to improve the realism of the final animation

Total video time - 23:15


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