Apple TV makes a play for online gaming

Apple TV makes a play for online gaming

Over the last few days Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been strutting around like peacocks displaying their new technology at Tokyo Game Show (TGS). Even though the technology on display is extremely impressive and I personally can't wait for The Last Guardian to be released on PS3, my attention has been focused on Apple's new £99 Apple TV.

Apple haven't so far made a move on the home console market - and why bother at the moment when you have the three main players battling it out for supremacy? However Apple have done pretty well so far to disrupt the handheld market with the iPod Touch, iPhone and most recently launched iPad. DS and PSP sales have reportedly been affected by Apple's hand held devices. That's no surprise when you have a delivery mechanism as easy as the App store to source not just games but any application imaginable.

But what would happen if you were able to play these games on your TV at home in HD? OK, none of the games on the App store at the moment would stand up against the AAA games being played on home consoles at the moment, but the games are still very enjoyable. And when games like Angry Birds has had estimated sales of 6.5 miliion units and the developer Rovio is reported to be approaching Hollywood studios with a view to make its iPhone hit into a movie, then surely they would also want to make them playable on a home TV as well?

Apple TV reportedly has the capability to play games by streaming them to the device, even though this function isn't yet available. They have recently launched the Apple Game Centre within iOS 4.1, which could mean that Mr Jobs is slowly moving forward with his strategic plan to enter the games market.

And just think, you probably already own an apple device which could be used to control these games. Let's watch this space and see how Apple play this game of chess with the rest of the hardware manufacturers... Check mate!

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