Anyone else bored of Apple?

Anyone else bored of Apple?

I have been a long time aficionado of Apple products, thinking and innovation. I'm not sure what this means about me or the world around me, but I think I am finally bored of Apple and their products. Yes they work beautifully and my life is full of them, but it just seems to be revision after revision now without any of the innovation that made me fall in love.

Also the control freakery in their product development that has led to them ousting Google and Amazon from delivering alternatives through their apps I find deeply unsettling. Google maps is great, Apple's version sucks and is practically useless, Kindle's library is immense, Apple's is limited. Freedom of choice is important in this ultra connected world and I am almost at the point where I might try something else, just for the hell of figuring something new out.

Maybe now that Jobs is no longer around they have lost some of the inspiration and enlightened ideas he came up with. There is something distinctly lacking and I can not be the only person in the world who's noticed. With Amazon's Kindle, Microsoft's Surface and Samsung's Galaxy there is some decent competition in a way that there never was before. This gives me hope for a more exciting world where everything isn't quite so controlled and measured!

Vive la revolution!

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Dom Davenport
Thu 6 Dec 2012: 12:05pm

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  • Rich Everts:

    I think part of the being bored has to do with the fact over the years we've grown older and we've become so used to technology it takes more to impress us.

    Apple is slipping as a company with some of their offerings, especially in the pro market, but they can reinvent themselves if they want. There are some brilliant engineers and more there, so I wouldn't bet against them just yet.

  • chris collins:

    Blasphemy I tell ya'!!!!!!

    Although, I think most of us apple lovers are starting to echo that sentiment...

    The problem is I'm hooked.

    Since buying the "new" iPad under 12 months ago they've already released a retina version and the mini.

    mmm iPad mini....

    ......anyone want to buy my old one? ;)

  • Fco. Javier Rodríguez:

    Why don't realize that we need to find out the way to create software for Openstep operating system and make aplications open for all platforms. Cooperate to make the world ease. The begining of a great invention... Steve was tempted to get back to Apple and he didn't realise that NeXT would be now the best company in the world, having to sell the operating system to Microsoft for Windows 8 and Apple the OS X, now the developpers and the users are blocked by the big holdings who really want us to be here where we are in the middle of a big mess.

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