Another outstanding exhibition from Ron Mueck

Another outstanding exhibition from Ron Mueck

If there’s one thing VFX artists appreciate, it’s the time and effort that goes into making a piece look unquestionably and perfectly lifelike.

If you have a deep found respect for this precision, you’ll certainly enjoy this amazing new Paris show of sculptures from Australian artist, Ron Mueck. The exhibition consists of 3 new pieces that go by the name of ‘Young Couple’, ‘Woman with Shopping Bags’ and ‘Couple under an Umbrella’.  On each Mueck shows human interaction on a several different levels.

Mueck began his career as a model maker for children’s TV, and made his way into advertising where he really honed his skills. Now as a fully-fledged artist Mueck has had several exhibitions globally and even had a documentary put together about his artistic process.

Well worth a watch for all those artists out there, regardless of the medium you work with. 

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