Another CG cat entertaining audiences the world over!

Another CG cat entertaining audiences the world over!

I’m not sure if many of you have seen Kittywood Studios: Cat Videos Incorporated, but there’s definitely something in it! It seems the media world has gone cat mad. The advertising gurus of the 1900’s possibly missed a trick… ‘Cats sell…’ Why? Well I work with a group of people who avidly share cat videos with me (not that I’m complaining, I do enjoy them), but also my most recent cinema trip was made all the more enjoyable last weekend when I was introduced to MPC’s latest project – Be More Dog - by far one of the more entertaining commercials out there at the moment.

Philosophically it’s a great message, but it’s also a brilliantly put together commercial and I was delighted to read that the talented creative team at MPC had a large part to play in it. We’ll be catching up with them on more of the techie insights soon… stay tuned! But for the moment, we just wanted to share this commercial with you if you’ve not already seen it, so you too can ask yourselves the same question on everyone’s lips – “How did they do that?” Which we agree is a massive testament to MPC’s great work. We look forward to seeing breakdowns soon.

And for those of you who want to get more involved with this quirky cat campaign, MPC’s 3D department also created 12 different cat animation assets as part of O2’s biggest social media drive to date, an online HTML5 game for smartphone users to interact with the cat on their computer screens. I mean, you should totally check this out… purely because you can!

Enjoy the commercial if this is your first time and try to take on some of the philosophy yourself. Life can only be more enjoyable if we approach it more dog like!

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