And suddenly I'm interested in the Witcher

And suddenly I'm interested in the Witcher

Those of you who know me, know I'm into games. It's a great time to be a fan of video games, especially with the next generation so close to blowing all of our minds.

Like most folks, there are plenty of games that I've missed, simply because there's so much on the market on so many platforms, that things just get missed. One series that I'd heard a lot about but never had a lot of interest in was The Witcher. Until now, thanks to this badass trailer (above).

The Witcher 3 is described as an open-world RPG hack-and-slash game,  that seems to smell a bit like Skyrim and the rest of the Oblivion series. I've always preferred science fiction to fantasy, but had lost many an hour killing dragons in Skyrim, thinking that would be my fill of elves and goblins and magic and whatnot. But now, I'm ready to step back into the world of horseback riding and archery, thanks to that trailer.

This is probably the first trailer for a game that has shown next gen graphics to the point where you can almost not tell its VFX. There are shots in that trailer where the line between life and CG was certainly blurred. and now, after ignoring it for years, I'm adding The Witcher 3 to my list of games I'm desperate to play, and crying as I reach for my wallet.

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Thu 15 Aug 2013: 9:37am

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