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Ana de Almeida Pereira

NAME: Ana de Almeida Pereira

COMPANY: Weta Digital

COURSE STUDIED: Compositing for VFX

FAVOURITE MOVIE ONE LINER: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. Ferris - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

PROJECTS: I’ve got lots of favourites. Bourne Ultimatum because it was my first proper Compositing project as well as being both challenging and fun. Dark Knight and Sorcerer's Apprentice were two shows where I got to learn a lot. “The Dragon” sequence on the last Harry Potter was one of my favourites because of the work and the great team I worked with. Prometheus was my first show working with Deep Compositing at Weta, which was a bit of a landmark as well and of course I really enjoyed ‘Iron Man 3’. That was good fun!

WHY VFX: It was growing up with classical films like ET, Blade Runner, Neverending Story, Legend, among others. I loved fantastic storytelling and the idea of being able to create all these imaginative new worlds and concepts always fascinated me. It wasn't an obvious path when you come from a country with no VFX industry and I worked in theatre for many years instead before actually going to Escape.

THE COURSE: I really enjoyed it, our tutor was brilliant and we ended up working in the same company a while later which was funny. In that particular class we would start the sessions by watching documentaries of how VFX were done for films like Superman etc., which would give us some really good insights into the FX world, and after we would jump into the technical nitty gritty of compositing.

WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY THINK? They are really interested and always want to know what film I'm working on and if I’ve met anyone famous. Unfortunately, I don’t really get to meet with many famous people in my role, but I do get to work on really fun projects, many of which they’ve heard of. I often have to explain exactly what my job entails, as most people have no idea about how widespread VFX work can be and that it's not always confined to blockbuster movies. Some myths need to be broken.

ADVICE?  When starting out in Compositing I recommend that you always try to observe, study and listen. There are as many ways to approach Compositing as there are Compositors and you can learn so much from the people around you. But the biggest piece of advice I can offer is to remind yourself from time to time "it's only a film." When the pressure mounts and you feel exhausted or you are stuck and can't make something work, you need to pause and step out of the situation. Even if it's 3am and you have a deadline.