An Upgrade to V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max

An Upgrade to V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max

V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max has had a bit of a makeover, as Chaos Group integrate a range of new features that are sure to speed up your workflow considerably.

GPU rendering capabilities are still a major focus for Chaos Group in the development of this version; and it's having a massive impact on render speeds. The team at Chaos Group have also introduced V-RayPTex map, a new texturing tool that I reckon is a major benefit to this version.

Here's my quick summary of the new features this new version offers:

New Hair and Fur Capabilities

  • Render hair and fur with outstanding quality, control and speed using the new V-Ray HairMtl shader and V-Ray HairInfoTex map.
  • Seamlessly Render hair created using Ephere’s Ornatrix plug-in with the new modifier – V-RayOrnatrixMod.

Real-time Rendering Improvements

  • V-RayProxy, texture-mapped area and mesh lights, Simple Skylight portals and the V-RayBlendMtl – for an extremely fast V-Ray RT GPU workflow.
  • Pan and zoom with V-RayRT’s ActiveShade window using Real Zoom.

Texturing for a new generation

  • Designed and created by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Ptex is the new texturing method that eliminates the need to assign UV’s.

Enhancements to the V-Ray Frame Buffer

  • To ensure consistent colour you can now load ICC profiles directly into the V-Ray Frame Buffer.
  • It is now possible to access the V-Ray frame buffer from MaxScript.
  • Right click to access VFB features that are part of a brand new menu now available in this version.

MetaSL Support

  • The V-RayGSLTex map and V-RayGLSMti shader functions allow you to load textures and materials created in meta shading language (MetaSL).

Now you’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty impressive list of enhancements for the one upgrade. If you’re still running version 1.5 or older, now is a pretty good time to look at moving up to the newest version. An upgrade to 2.0 is not actually that onerous... £340 is a small price to pay to get your hands on all these goodies. 

To upgrade to V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max, please get in touch with our software sales team.

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