An Interesting Google Chrome Experiment With WebGL

An Interesting Google Chrome Experiment With WebGL

The site created in association with Google is doing the rounds at Escape Studios at the moment. In fact, you might even have read the story that Miles posted a few days ago.

As far as we are concerned, this is interesting from a number of standpoints. is an experiment from the Google Creative Lab, highlighting the latest browser technologies and what they can achieve. If you want to check it out properly, you will need a thoroughly modern browser. Google's own browser - Chrome - is the ideal choice and I got the best feedback using it. But it will also run in Firefox4.0, though it is not quite as slick...

This is a really interesting fusion of video, 2D and 3D graphics to create a pop promo online. It has great interest from not only a creative standpoint but also a technical one. It demonstrates what the browsers of the fututre will be able to achieve. The technology page has some great examples of what webGL will be able to generate.  

The normal mapping exercise found here is a very early example of what can be achieved. I know that there are also some very interesting papers about how you can achieve with subsurface in hardware, but you have to remember that this is in your browser! I particularly liked the fact that they have a showcode button on the top right. It gives away the code to achieve the demos. Now, you can't get more open source than that!

I particularly liked the metaballs. Be sure to click on the show controls text on the top right so you can actually play with the demo. If you don't, you might find it a tad dull...

The creative possibilties of this are endless. I have no doubt that mobile devices will succumb to this soon, and this type of content will only get more and more pervasive. Fancy a 3D version of Angry Birds knocking down video projected 3D buildings anyone?

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Lee Danskin
Fri 17 Jun 2011: 12:15pm

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  • ant:

    Chrome, so much fun

    Those Metaballs are ace,

    It will be great to see this kind of stuff used to develop the way we use the web. I'm always amazed that the Desktop hasn't jumped into a 3 dimensional workspace.

    Not OpenGL but HTML5
    Could spend all day zooming fractals
    Making 3D objects on the web

    and of course the Chrome laptops are being released now!

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