An insight to VFX with escapee Chris Chadwick

An insight to VFX with escapee Chris Chadwick

If you’ve not had access to the internet over the last week, (why else wouldn’t you be keeping up to date with the hottest VFX blog on the planet?) as well as some highly informative, highly entertaining, VFX related internet titbits, you’ve missed out on a few smashing success stories.

My pick of the week is main man Chris Chadwick, who dazzled us with his journey - from Graphic Designer to VFX artist on some of the biggest silver screen releases of 2012.

As Chris speaks of his career switch as a real game changer, we invite you to sample the professional life of one of our many escapees, and check out the high calibre achievements, that have come to be expected, here at Escape Studios!

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Robert Broadbent
Tue 4 Sep 2012: 1:00pm

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