An Incredible Day at the VES Career Fair

An Incredible Day at the VES Career Fair

Over the weekend we attended the London VES Career Fair & Tech Expo, and let’s just say it put Love Box to shame with the numbers who turned out for the event itself! Queues of aspiring VFX artists patiently lining up to speak to representatives from some of the world’s greatest post houses, including ILM, Framestore, Pixomondo, Method Studios, Cinesite, Prime Focus and Disney, really highlighted just how much competition there is to get your foot on the first rung of the ladder in the world of Visual Effects.

The guys from Pixomondo hardly had time to draw breath as wave after wave of artists stepped forward to quiz them on the best way to break into the industry. I was heartened to hear the advice given to these young aspirants, since it’s the same advice we give to our students at Escape; namely, do the basic things well, show us you can do them well and don't clog your showreel up with work that isn't close to perfect.

The event was well attended and we saw a number of current students and some old faces all keen to chat to the recruiters. I couldn't help feeling that having trained at Escape they would find themselves in a very strong position to apply for entry level jobs since they have acquired the very skills the big post houses are looking for in their new starters.

We had lots of enquiries from recent Uni graduates looking to hone their VFX skills and it reinforced my view that Escape is actually the perfect finishing school for people looking to make a firm commitment to working in the VFX industry.

The seminars presented by Davi Stein and Hugo Guerra were packed out and it was great to see Escape at the heart of the event alongside such distinguished VES partners.

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Flora Ho
Mon 18 Jun 2012: 5:23pm

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  • Flora Ho:

    Hi Jon - no worries at all. We don't have an Open Day on the 25th but we do have one commencing on the 4th of July if you would like to register?
    It will commence on a Wednesday at 930am.
    Register here:
    or you can email me directly at

    See you shortly, Jon!

  • Jon Saunders:

    Was gutted not to be able to attend this, hoping to check out the escape open day on the 25th of july however!

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