An even better glimpse of Iron Man 3!

An even better glimpse of Iron Man 3!

Some of you may have been feeding off the trickle of teaser footage in circulation for the Iron Man triquel, coming to a cinema screen near us soon! And if you are one such person, you’ll be delighted to learn that a ‘full’ teaser trailer is now doing the rounds, showing off the abundance of action in store for us upon its release in April 2013.

This is however still a teaser trailer, so you can look forward to previewing even more of the action in the coming months. Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow remain the starts of the show, but this next instalment to the Iron Man franchise welcomes Ben Kingsley playing The Mandarin as well as Guy Pearce, the Geneticist who’ll be causing even more grief for the weary Tony Stark. There’s also been a change over on the production team as we see Shane Black jumping into directorial duties.

So enjoy the trailer, and mark the calendar for the film’s UK release date on April 26th, which is a week earlier than the release date in the US. Pretty good eh!

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