An Audience With Mark Spevick

An Audience With Mark Spevick

With just one more week to go we thought we'd give you another reminder about the webinar taking place next week with our wise Head of 3D, Mark Spevick.

Have you ever found yourself watching a film and thought, "I want to know how they did that?" And maybe you go one step further and find yourself watching the 'making of'. We know there's lots of you out there, and you should know you're not alone. This is for all of you who want to investigate further. Too often you'll find us talking about new releases, the courses we teach and the success stories of how far people have come, but now we're taking the time to strip all that information back to the basics. This is where Mark will share with you, as simply as possible, the mechanics behind great VFX and the industry that surrounds it. Enter, Mark. 

If you're thinking about VFX and looking for a preview of what the industry has to offer, then we recommend you join us on the 25th of July (sign up here). It could put you on the right track to becoming a VFX master.

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