Amazon Announce New Kindles & Kindle Fire

Amazon Announce New Kindles & Kindle Fire

Typical! You wait for a bus and three come at once. Yesterday, Amazon released details of not one, but three new Kindles, including a brands new tablet called the Kindle Fire.

Kindles are cool, that's a fact. They make you more attractive and everything. I have all my fun books and work books (work books are fun books too...) as well as magazines and gazillions of pdfs. This new Kindle Fire looks very sleek, but more importantly, it is half the price of an iPad and the Amazon service is nothing short of awesome. Anyway, you can check it all out here - a very impressive set of features.

It looks to me as though Amazon are tearing up the rule book when it comes to the web on mobile devices with their Amazon Silk.

I wonder what impact will this have on Apple? They are clearly making a very serious bid for the Apple dominated tablet space. I guess there is one serious difference between the two though: Apple make money from hardware, whereas Amazon can make a loss on the hardware as they are all about selling and making money on books and films.

More importantly what impact will this have on my bank balance, and how can I convince my wife that my sixth month old Kindle is still good but my life wont be complete without the new one?

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