• Ally Lawson

Allyn Lawson

3D Artist at The Mill

“Having a passion for something and the constant opportunity to share it, enjoy it and build upon it is the best thing about my job”.

Many great Visual Effects artists have been through our doors here at Escape Studios, the vast majority of whom completed their study and rapidly immersed themselves into the world of VFX. And Allyn Lawson is no exception to this..

Having studied  VFX with us back in 2010, he’ s now a 3D Artist  with Industry legends ‘The Mill’ and has worked on a plethora of projects, from major brand names such as Nike, Ford, BT ,and  Virgin (to name a few!) to renowned TV shows such as Merlin and Dr Who. We recently contacted Allyn and asked him where it all began…

“The apparent magic of VFX really captured my imagination from an early age. I think the defining moment would have to be seeing Jurassic Park for the first time.  Later on, films like the Matrix came out and then Lord of the Rings. I didn't just enjoy the VFX, I wanted to figure out how they were done and create my own.”

Like most of our students, before he became an ‘Escapee,’ Allyn possessed a creative passion and an unadulterated desire to learn, which, coupled with the knowledge and support of our Tutors, was nurtured intensely, and more importantly - specifically to industry requirements.

“Escape was the clear choice for me, I wanted to create visual effects and that's exactly what the course has allowed me to do. The format and content of the course was very appealing; in this industry you never stop learning so the course is like a massive boost into that. You learn exactly what you need to create shots for your show reel and, importantly, this knowledge allows you to be useful and therefore employable straight after the course. Another major attraction to Escape is the links they have with the industry”.

Escape’s role in Allyns progress has been intrinsic, but as he points out, an appetite to master the art of VFX is equally as important for success. When describing his current role, we are given a true glimpse of the nature the business, and the skills he has honed in order to adapt and flourish in this role.

“My working day can vary significantly from job to job. On a typical day I'll have a number of shots I'm working on whether it’s FX, modelling, camera tracking, lighting, rendering, the list goes on”.

Allyn’s final words of advice are essential for any budding VFX artist and truly encapsulate the key to his successes.

“Make yourself as useful and as dedicated as possible, and enjoy finding your strengths”.

A true example of how the right attitude and direction can deliver a person to such platforms.