Allergy to Originality

Allergy to Originality

Seattle-based filmmaker and illustrator Drew Christie's latest animated Op-Doc, Allergy to Originality, is a feast for the eyes and quite the creative brain cell tickler too.

Created in response to Jonah Lehrer's recent resignation from the New Yorker, amid allegations of self-plagiarism and quote intervention, Christie's charming animation explores notions of originality, unoriginality and plagiarism within cultural development, featuring a debate between two characters bearing uncanny resemblance towards Russian filmmakers, Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Eisenstein.

The process employed in the very making of the animation echoes the story's sentiments, and ultimately the concept behind Allergy to Originality is a modern appropriation itself of an age-old cultural-philosophical debate, arguably first nurtured by eighteenth-century metaphysics...Everything's a remix!

Check out the film here.

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Alison Cobb
Wed 29 Aug 2012: 5:00pm

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