All Hallows Eve…Who Will Be Crowned the Pumpkin King?

All Hallows Eve…Who Will Be Crowned the Pumpkin King?

There are some things at Escape Studios that we take very seriously. And pumpkin carving is one of them. The staff here have been furiously sculpting this weekend in an attempt to take top prize for ‘Best Pumpkin Carver’ and we really do have some very talented contenders. We were very impressed with all of the guys here for proving their skill and dedication however; our Software Manager Graeme Pitt might be disqualified for his attempt, blowing up an orange balloon with a scary face and then calling it a carved pumpkin. Now, we appreciate modern art as much as the next person but really, even we think this is a step too far. Judging is taking place this evening by students who have a very artistic eye – so let’s see who they crown king.

But what do you think? Have you seen better, can you do better? We want to know!

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Flora Ho
Mon 31 Oct 2011: 5:00pm

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  • Phillip Moore:

    Loving the second from the left on top row and also far right on the top row. Mini pumpkin gets top score too. Happy Halloween Escape!

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