All Fear Frankenweenie!

All Fear Frankenweenie!

Tim Burton is one of my favourite directors, with my favourite animation film of all time (so far) being The Nightmare Before Christmas. Nearly every film he has done I’ve loved, whether it’s Batman Forever, Corpse Bride or my favourite. Everything about the films scream his trademark ‘look’, from the plots and animation to his infamous dark twists which make him so easily recognisable. It won’t come as a shock to you then, that his latest film, Frankenweenie, is no different.

Much like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie is a stop motion animation film. For those of you who are unaware of exactly what stop motion is, it can all become clear here.  Much like other Tim Burton films, the intricate design of models and the amount of time and effort that will go into each frame ensures that the aesthetics and overall visual effects of the film will all be flawless. We can reveal the studio that worked on the visual effects for Frankenweenie is none other than our friends at Nvisible.

I’ve also heard that the original Frankenweenie, a short by Tim Burton in 1984, is actually quite scary, although it is shot with real actors and a real dog. It's unclear at the moment as to whether the use of stop motion will improve, or divert, from the story.  I’m not sure how close Burton has made this adaption but all will be unveiled soon enough, as the release date is October 2012. If you're a fan of stop motion then I would recommend going to see this film as it's a great example of what can be done with this type of animation. Thanks to the internet, you can see the trailer, as well as getting sneak peeks of some of the models and other behind the scene images. Enjoy!

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  • Tav:

    The VFX team on Frankenweenie were actually based 'in-house' at 3 mills studios and was made up of freelancers. Nvizable got a lot of the overflow but the majority of it was done on site.

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