Alex Williams Cartoon Book Launch

Alex Williams Cartoon Book Launch

Pictured centre flanked by tutor Gideon Corby to the left and Training Manager Miles Petit to the right, Alex Williams savours the launch of his book with a glass of champagne.

Last Thursday night at Daunt Books in Marylebone High Street, Escape Studios' Animation tutor Alex Williams celebrated the launch of his latest cartoon book, "The Queen's Counsel Official Lawyer's Handbook", a satirical guide to the perils and pitfalls of a career in law.

Alex was (briefly) a barrister, before fleeing the law to become an animator, but he still does a weekly cartoon strip "Queen's Counsel" in The Times, gently poking fun at his former colleagues.

Among the guests were Morgan O'Sullivan, Producer of King Arthur and Angela's Ashes, Duncan Heath, Chairman of Independent Talent (Europe's largest talent agency), and rather especially Posy Simmonds, graphic novelist and author of Tamara Drewe, recently made into a hit movie by Steven Frears.

You can buy the book - which (according to Alex) makes "the perfect Christmas gift for the lawyer in your life" - here!

If you're very lucky he might even sign a copy for you. 

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