Alastair at the Cross Road

Alastair at the Cross Road

Escapee Alastair Cross, who finished his VFX Production studies in 2010, went on to become a Studio Assistant here, but the time has come to move on, and he now faces the choice of his next role.

As he prepares to fly the Escape nest from where he's been trained so well, to embark on his new CG career, we are both proud and sad that this day has finally come. We’re proud, for as you can see from his Showreel, he’s become a talented and competent VFX artist, but also a little sad because we will no longer have his cheerful and helpful self around the studios and office.

Alastair originally studied Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin, from where he got a decent job at IBM working in software support. He was with them for three years in total, but took six months out during that time to go travelling around New Zealand and South America. On his return, he realised that corporate world was not for him, and he remembered what both he and an old uni friend wanted to do -  work in Visual Effects.

Meanwhile, his old pal was already working as an assistant TD in the Pipeline department for Framestore in London, and he recommended Alastair get in touch with Escape Studios. Which he duly did, and after finishing his 12 week VFX Production course in December 2010, Alastair was asked if he’d like the role of 3D Studio assistant, which mainly involves helping the tutors and students in the studios, imparting the knowledge they gained on their course on to the current crop of escapees.

However, during his down time, Alastair has had plenty of opportunity to perfect his Showreel. He got a lot of help from 2D Studio Assistant Simon Richardson with compositing, as well as gaining valuable mentoring from Training Manager Miles Pettit and Recruitment Manager Garreth Gaydon.

In fact, this time was so productive that his very first interview at Polar Media resulted in a short term contract being offered to him on the spot. Polar media specialise in visualisation for the Oil Industry, and although it maybe not quite the pipeline Alastair was expecting, it nevertheless promises to be a challenging and engaging project which he’s now looking forward to getting stuck into.

I’m sure he’ll arrive at many more crossroads in his future as a freelance VFX artist, so we’ll follow his career path with interest and wish him well on his journey. However, much like the Hotel California, here at Escape ‘You can check out anytime you like - but you can never leave’, for once at Escape Studios - forever an escapee!

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