Advisory Board Member: Adam Dewhirst

If you know of any post-production houses in Soho, chances are, Adam Dewhirst has worked there. His 8+ years in the industry have included stints at MPC, the Mill, Dneg, Cinesite, Framestore, and Passion Pictures.

At 31, Adam’s industry experience covers an impressive spectrum of projects and media, including; games, advertising, music videos, cinematics, TV, feature animation and films. Specializing in modelling, his feature film credits include: The Golden Compass, The Dark Knight, Les Miserables, World War Z, Clash of the Titans, The Tale of Despereaux, John Carter, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, 47 Ronin, Malificent, and Seventh Son. For TV Adam has worked on Dr Who, Ice Age Giants, Sinbad and BBC’s Jackanory. In addition to these, Adam’s gaming industry credits also include Beatles Rock Band, Tycoon City New York and Battlefield 2.

Adam graduated from Camberwell Art College, before qualifying at Escape Studios as a CGI artist. He was part of the team working on the Golden Compass that went on to win both an Oscar and a BAFTA for visual effects. Many of the other films he has worked on have also been nominated for awards. As well as working within the industry Adam regularly teaches and gives tutorials to students on how to achieve industry quality standards. 
We asked Adam a few questions regarding his time within the VFX industry…

Tell us about your most exciting projects, and why they stood out?

The Golden Compass was a big one for me, it was my first film and we went onto win an Oscar and a BAFTA for the Visual Effects. More recently I had a great time working with Mill TV (now Milk) on Dr Who, it’s not the same scale as a fully blown CG blockbuster, but it’s great when you get to work on such an iconic franchise - I got to build several creatures for that show, so I’d like to think I’ve made my own little stamp on the Dr who universe.

How important is it for the industry, to continue to dispatch knowledge and experience on to other budding VFX artists?

It’s crucial - I find every couple of years i need to pick up a brand new piece of software in order to stay on top of my game, if I’m lucky I might get the time to learn on the job, otherwise I need to get tips from friends, or find tutorials, it really is vitally important that the latest techniques and practices are available to everyone so we can all evolve as the industry moves along.

What inspired you to want to get into the world of VFX?

I love movies - plain and simple, I can remember going to see 'Back to the Future' in the cinema as a kid and just wanting to be a part of that... now I am, it’s a great feeling to be sitting in a cinema to a truly spectacular film and knowing "I worked on that" no matter how large or small your role was - I get this feeling even now, last time I remember was for Les Miserables.

What made you choose to study at Escape studios?

When you walk through the door of escape, you know you’re stepping into a space where people know their stuff! I felt that the day I came in for a tour, and I still feel it when I visit now. It’s a very professional environment, but there is also this wonderful atmosphere created there where people just want to learn, it’s really quite inspiring.