Acting for Animators

Acting for Animators

On March 29th, Shapes in Motion will be running an 'Acting for Animators' class. It's a great little course and one which can really help you understand how to bring your animations to life. If you'd like to find out more, here are the details.

5 Week Acting for Animators Course:  29th March - 26th April
(Thursday Evenings; 7-9.15pm) Sadler's Wells. (Stage Door, Studio C )

Topics covered could/would include;
Introduction to Stanislavski ; what drives the action, subtext, script analysis, character development...
Introduction to Laban; Kinesphere, movement analysis - what are we actually observing when someone walks, sits, etc
Use of Efforts in gestures/movements - exploring physically the various efforts of; space, weight and time
Facial expressions & mouth movements
Expression of emotions
The relationship between voice and movement
Lots of acting games/exercises to aid storytelling
Creating a believable/truthful character performance.
Observation exercises.
Creature/Animal movement analysis/characterisation

For more information or to book a place, contact: Shapes in Motion.

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