A woman's touch...

A woman's touch...

The role of Visual Effects Supervisor is hugely important on set as well as during the whole post production process.  This person works with both the Director and Clients to convert artistic concepts to stunning visual imagery.

With of course, help from the entire VFX team of 2D and 3D artists.

Having worked with a variety of talented Visual Effects Supervisors over the years, I must say it is always a privilege (although a slightly less frequent one) to work with those that are women.

I myself have worked with the lovely Sue Rowe at Cinesite in London on 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time’, (she was also VFX Supervisor for Cinesite's work on 'John Carter')

It’s great to see Angela Barson was VFX Sup on 'Cloud Atlas' at Blue Bolt, a VFX post house in London.

Women in such positions get my utmost respect and I certainly get a lot of inspiration from their creative process, keen eye and quick problem solving qualities, making our shots look the best they possibly can!

Know any other women VFX Supervisors? Add a comment!

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