A Webinar at The Mill, Beer, Pizza and Bond…

A Webinar at The Mill, Beer, Pizza and Bond…

Last week Claire Anderson, Talent Manager at The Mill divulged some of the greatest tips and tricks young artists need to apply in order to cut it in the VFX Industry. I have to say; I couldn’t help but feel a little awestruck listening to our Training Manager and Claire chat away during the 40 minute webinar because of the room we were stationed at. It was like something from a bond movie – check out the pictures! Filled with The Mill’s previous conquests (let’s be clear that I’m talking about Oscars and Bafta’s here….) I kept expecting a drinks cabinet and a man with a white cat to appear from behind one of the walls. One thing’s for sure, The Mill certainly know what they’re talking about and have the awards to prove it.

Beer and Pizza
It was a really informal webinar and gave lots of people the chance to ask questions online – but it did get a little bit rowdy in the room next to us at the half time point. That’s because every Thursday at The Mill, they have a Beer and Pizza evening, where they hook up via live stream to the LA and New York offices and take a look at what’s being produced the other side of the Atlantic. It gave our webinar listeners a chance to glimpse what life in this industry is like.

We were short on time towards the end and Claire didn’t get a chance to answer all of the questions. If you still have something you’d like to put to us then please type them up in response to this blog post and we’ll get them answered for you. We’ll be posting a recording of the webinar to the website soon so keep your eyes peeled! A huge thanks to Claire and we look forward to the next webinar.

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  • Paul Wilkes:

    Hi Georgia

    I hope I can answer your questions.

    Most people that start out in VFX will be London based just because that's where most of the companies are. Obviously when you're starting out you need to be where the most work is so you can exploit any opportunity that becomes available, your first role could be a short freelance gig (in answer to your second question - yes) so not really the sort of thing you would move location for. That's not to say you couldn't end up doing VFX work elsewhere in the UK (or world!) it's just less likely to start with.

    On the art side we don't see huge number of people moving between games and VFX because whilst the core 3D tool (Maya) is used in both the other tools, techniques and pipeline are quite different. People tend to go down one route and stick with it. It is easier for programmers though and I know there is a high demand for good programmers (3D/physics etc) in VFX so there is a cross over there with games.

    I hope that answers your questions - do get in touch if you need any more information.


  • Georgia:

    I had some questions that Claire didn't have time to answer, they were: if you want to make a good living in VFX in the UK will you have to work in London? And is there such a thing as a freelance VFX artist? And what is the opportunity for moving between the VFX and gaming industries?

  • Benjamin:

    cant wait!

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