A Triptych of Travel Films : MOVE, LEARN & EAT

A Triptych of Travel Films : MOVE, LEARN & EAT

Following a commission from STA Travel Australia, director Rick Mereki, DOP Tim White and actor Andrew Lees, set off on an epic journey to shoot three short films. Themed around the basic elements of travel: moving, eating and learning, they somehow cleverly capture the enormity of their subjects, all within one minute of footage per film, quite some feat by anyone's standards.

LEARN uses a more conventional approach to film making, but still inspires you to learn something new, while EAT explores the different cuisines of the world and makes you hungry by just watching.

However most interesting is the film MOVE which is shot on a DSLR camera. Then using the resulting stills images a simple Stop Motion animation technique is employed to great effect. Capturing a frontal walk cycle to camera, followed by another short pass from left to right, the imagery portrays a rapidly changing multitude of varied backgrounds, which beautifully frames the actors movement.

It reminds me of the iconic 2010 Levi viral Guy Walks Across America where they have a detailed 'making-of video', explaining how relatively low-tech solutions can produce stunning results.

Perhaps a useful reminder to those of us obsessed with technology, that the best creative work is born from ideas and imagination.

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