A Traveller's Tale: One Games Graduate Journey

Recent Games Course Graduate Adam Esat has just landed a job at prolific Games company Travellers Tales - and we are super pleased for him.

He faced tough competition, but his work really stood out, which is why I've asked him to walk us through some of it.  The work shows a good range of skills and lots of potential which is one of the main things that employees are looking for.

Harley Davidson WLA42 World War 2 Motorbike




"I was inspired to model this bike after watching Band of Brothers and World at War", explains Adam. "I realised it would be even more challenging than a Car or a Truck, as a lot of the engine parts and wiring were completely exposed. I wanted to model this to the same detail a vehicle of that type would be modelled in a game like Burnout for example. So I did a bit of research by finding out the rough polycount of vehicles in a game that demands a lot of detail. I also found out some of the modelling and texturing techniques used.

It took me just over 3 weeks to model and texture it to how you see it now. The biggest problem I had was something that plagues a lot of artists, and that is reference. Due to the nature of the build of the bike, detailed reference of the components, specifically the engine, were very hard to come by".





Scarborough Fair Gun

"I was playing Bayonetta at the time I modelled this gun. Platinum Games, the developers of the game, provided lots of artwork on their website, and they provided on this occasion superb reference images for the iconic gun that Bayonetta uses in the game. I was really inspired by this and set out to try to model a fairly high polygon version that could be used in a cutscene perhaps.

Modelling was a lot of fun, and the biggest challenge came about with the texturing. It is very stylised, and trying to get the patterns to appear exactly how they do on the original version was the most challenging part. I am very happy with the outcome, and it’s one of my personal favourite pieces of work".

Hi Polygon Bike Render

"This was the first project I had produced at Escape Studios during the Games Course. The brief for the project was to create a CG render of an object that isn’t a character. I jumped at the chance to create a type of vehicle, and Simon, my tutor, rightly suggested against a car or a motorbike, as it would have been incredibly time consuming for me. I agreed on a bicycle as it is challenging enough, but not too detailed.

I had never ever modelled anything before with the aim of making it photo-realistic. So I had to pay attention to every possible detail, and I made a lot of mistakes that I have sinse learned from. Namely, missing out obvious details, not paying attention to how the pipes were joined up and so forth. Thankfully I had enough time to fix these in the render.

The hardest part of the process was rendering. It is absolutely essential that enough time is taken to experiment with the lighting and rendering of the bike as that is what really shows your work off.  I am very proud of this piece and again, found it a blast to produce".

If you fancy becoming a Featured Artist, get in touch.

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