A Taste of 3D!

A Taste of 3D!

Often for a VFX artist there is a defining moment of clarity, whether it be during a TV program, an epic film, or just viewing a highly detailed drawing, most of the artists we encounter, when asked “what made you want to become a VFX artist?” Usually one of these occasions is cited as a reply.

But the moment when artists make their first steps into the industry tends to receive a more varied response. Age, skill level and even career backgrounds cover the spectrum when we speak to people about their first steps into this exciting industry.

Here at Escape we want to give prospective artists the best opportunities possible, to use the right studio space, get hands on with the software and equipment, and really get to grips with the art form in motion to see what it’s really is all about, first hand.

Our One Day Taster courses are designed to give you the best possible outlook on the VFX industry as possible.

With our expert tutors guiding you along some of the most essential skills and techniques used in VFX, you’ll get a clear idea of what it’s all about in one jam packed day of learning.

Sound like the place for you?  Then what are you waiting for, click here for more info!

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