A “Prometheus” Viral by Hoxton Redsox

A “Prometheus” Viral by Hoxton Redsox

Our friends at Hoxton Redsox recently completed a very fun job for one of their clients, Fox. This is the viral video for the upcoming release of Ridley Scott’s latest feature, PrometheusHappy Birthday David was designed and directed by Johnny Hardstaff and shows the unboxing of Weyland Industries robot David 8, played by Michael Fassbender. A great addition to a range of teasers produced for the lead up to this film, we recommend you all take a look.

In an effort to realise Johnny Hardstaff’s vision, the team at Hoxton Redsox replaced all backgrounds with CG sets, composited live action plates and animated graphic overlays. This is an exciting time for the company as this video starts to generate a hugely positive reaction online. ‘Big things have small beginnings’ is an idea explored within the feature itself, and the viral video by Hoxton plays an essential role in setting the scene for the highly anticipated movie, which will be coming to a cinema screen near you this summer.

Hoxton Redsox is a VFX boutique based in the East End of London. The company is made up of a team of VFX artist and supervisors with experience working on a range of CG heavy projects. In fact, Giancarlo Bonati is one of our success stories, having studied a Maya intensive course here at Escape Studios when we were just starting out as a VFX training academy. Hoxton are producing great work and we look forward to seeing their success grow as they continue to take on more ambitious projects.

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