A positive move for a not-so-negative company.

A positive move for a not-so-negative company.

With a plethora of articles lamenting the VFX industry in the western world right now, it’s always a refreshing change to read a story with a more promising outcome.

Broadcast reported yesterday that Europe’s leading film VFX house Double Negative have decided to form a TV division in light of George’s Osborne’s recent decision to give the sector a tax break.

Dneg Managing Director Alex Hope was quoted as saying “Television drama continues to break new ground and offer fantastic creative challenges and the government’s recent instigation of 25% tax breaks to encourage additional US and UK inward investment into high end TV drama, means that it is the perfect time to launch Dneg TV.”

Former Rushes head of film and TV and VFX supervisor Jonathan Privett will lead the new team with their first project being Ridley Scott’s The Vatican for Showtime. Dneg have previously won numerous awards for films such as Inception and Sherlock Holmes so this is a welcome step in the right direction for the VFX industry! 

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