A Pioneering Digital Artwork

A Pioneering Digital Artwork

NATIVITY is a pioneering digital art project by Martha Fiennes, a moving-image interpretation of the Christ Nativity inspired by a canon of Renaissance paintings on the story. Martha’s idea for this project was brought to life through the process of SLOimage, which is the process of random and perpetual image self-generation. It slowly transforms through a wide range of alternative pictorial content in a way that is unpredictable to both the artist and the viewer. In a way, it is as though this technique has its own level of consciousness, allowing the artwork to generate meaning in new and very unexpected ways.

The technology to make this project possibly was entirely bespoke software, developed from the ground up, in an MPC and Existential Ltd. partnership. From the get-go, Martha Fiennes was very clear that she wanted to explore a new medium that would depict the pensive quality of established fine art forms, while also reaching beyond the forms and their limitations. Martha was also keen to explore the limitations of moving image, as an art form, based on an idea that the industry can be almost crippled by the commercial pressures that keep it funded.  By challenging the traditional conventions of film editing, where images and sequences are “set in stone” (well at least until the ‘Directors Cut’), Martha went on to create something completely original, that would offer a completely original viewing experience for anyone who attended the exhibition in Covent Garden last Winter, where it ran from November 2011 to January 2012.

Mark Benson, CEO of MPC, said that this project has been, “one of the most creative, technological, logistical and exciting challenges for MPC… Working in partnership with SLOimage has enabled us to push our interactive installation code writing to another level".

Existential Ltd. are the software development company who brought the technical knowhow to make this project possible. You may have missed the exhibition of this particular work, but you haven’t missed the opportunity to find out more about how this amazing project was created. On July 12th, we invite the Existential Ltd. team, Alenka Abraham and Adam Cubitt, to talk it through with us. If you would like to know more about this project and the work that Existential do, make sure to join us for this exclusive webinar, where we will find out more about their collaboration with companies like MPC.

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