A New VFX Outfit to Watch

A New VFX Outfit to Watch

Currently wowing audiences everywhere, and hot off the back of its Oscar nominations, Danny Boyle’s latest film 127 Hours is something we’ve been keeping a particular close eye on. Obviously we’re fans of Mr Boyle’s work (personally, I can’t wait to see the Olympic opening ceremony), but in this case we’re more interested in a small team of people working behind the scenes.

Union VFX were the post-production house brought in to do the VFX work, including bringing the much talked about arm scene to life. A new outfit run by industry veterans Tim Caplan and Adam Gascoyne, 127 Hours was one of its first projects, and we’re proud to say we were able to offer some assistance, with three of our graduates (Mervyn New, Victor Perez and Aymeric Perceval) working with Tim and Adam on the film. Our technology team here at Escape also helped fit out Union’s studio, supplying amongst other things licenses for PF Track and Maya, Z400 workstations and Eizo ColorEdge and FlexScan monitors.

Adam said “Having worked with Danny Boyle before we knew what he expected and he knew that we could deliver. It was a great job for us, and the support we received from Escape, both with the hardware and its grads, helped us deliver work that would have done a much bigger company proud.”

It’s been a fantastic experience for all involved, with the escapees able to put their skills to the test and really get to grips with a full scale project, and Union VFX get to work on such a high profile feature. We’ve no doubt that this is just the start of big things for Tim and Adam, and we’ll be keeping an eye on them as they go from success to success.

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