A New Pricing Structure for Photoshop...

A New Pricing Structure for Photoshop...

I have just seen an article entitled "Adobe Will Only Offer Photoshop CS6 Upgrade Price to CS5 Owners" in CGTalk (CG Society) about a dramatic change in pricing policy from Adobe regarding CS6. 

It will be interesting to see the impact this change of policy will have on the use of Photoshop in production, but also the implications for a cloud-based subscription service as well.

I love Photoshop! It is the ultimate image aplication, and is the 'go-to-tool' for most 3D artists, matte painters and concept artists.

If I was being very picky, my only complaint about this wonderful product, would be that the 3D painting feels a little 'toy-like', and on the slow side compared to the industrial strentgh of The Foundry's MARI. Once you start to texture your meshes in 3D it's quite hard to go back to a 2D only workflow

And while I am on the topic, I also really rate Mudbox for texturing. It's very powerful and simple to use, it has both UV and ptex support and whilst not as powerful as ZBrush for modelling, it more than holds it own for texturing.

Would be great to hear what your favoute texturing tools are... And while I am at it, what are your thoughts on cloud based subscription?Would you be prepared to spend £50.00 a month for it? Or does free open source software sound more appealing? hey, do we need to upgrade at all?

Answers on a postcard this blog please :-)

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