A New Look for Escape

A New Look for Escape

To mark Escape's 10 year anniversary we decided to give the office a new look. Some of you who have been to our office may remember the funky brown and orange colour scheme gracing our office walls and the old layout of the desks next to our Reception area. Over the past few weeks the Escape office has dramatically changed and now we have a fresh, chic and very cool colour scheme of metallics and white. We've opened up a new area for our main office space and moved the Tech team into their very own area. There are more changes to come - we've got big ideas for the uninhabited space next to the Reception area plus some trendy furniture is arriving from our LA office.

If you'd like to have a nosey around our new office space and see what we've been working on just holla and we'll gladly give you a tour.

We've had builders, sparkies, chippies and painters in at all times of the day and night and everyone, both students and staff, have been very patient so we'd like to say a big thank you for bearing with us.

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Emma Lee
Wed 8 Aug 2012: 4:00pm

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  • Martin Viray:

    Wow, really different from the time I did that tour in.. 2008 I think. Congratulations!

  • chris hodge:

    wow that space looks a lot better. then it did the last time i saw it

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