A new Kinetica exhibition space launches at Emigre Studios

A new Kinetica exhibition space launches at Emigre Studios

Saturday 18th August sees the launch of a new Kinetica exhibition space at Emigre Studios. For those of you who don't know, Kinetica is an awesome art organisation, which exhibits kinetic/moving interactive art installations that often involve video and digital art.

During the course of the summer, the roof of Emigre Studios, the home of Kinetica’s studio in London Fields, has been transformed and now includes a bar and rooftop area with views across the park. As part of this transformation Kinetica is showcasing artworks on the roof and the adjoining glass-covered area that is next to Kinetica’s studio.

In the outside space they will be presenting a new work, Emergence, by Laurent Debraux, an artist from Paris who has recently joined Kinetica’s ‘Oxygen’ artist membership. Constructed in collaboration with Maud Hufnagel, the piece explores reflection and communication, and is made from a series of aluminium circles that move freely in the wind. It is best observed from a distance, from where the circles merge to form a distinct facial image.

Inside, Neil Mendoza, another of our Oxygen Artist Members, will be showing his new kinetic mobile, ‘I Spy’, an intuitive work that tracks and follows viewers as they move around it.

Dianne Harris’ neon work E=MConsciousness² explores unseen dimensions of the physical being and far reaching fields of consciousness.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 18th August at 12pm.

Open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm till 9pm from 18th August to 30th September. On Thursday 20th September there will be an additional private view event from 6pm till 9pm to coincide with the launch of Design Week.

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