A Joker of a film?

A Joker of a film?

Here at Escape Studios, we’re all about the visuals. Cut us and we bleed visuals... I’m sure you’re well aware!

However, we also understand that thanks to the power of the written word, a couple of paragraphs can often transform a potential viewer, into a cash-splashing cinema goer. Now I fully understand that what floats some boats - sinks others, but in most cases, positive reception is rarely drastically challenged, especially when mainstream cinema is concerned.

But this week my VFX loving brain is perplexed, thanks to the mediums of Twitter and Youtube. 

VFX heavy family Sci-Fi flick from India – Joker, has been the victim of a seriously conflicting reception.

From the super positive...

"Have to say, this raises the bar for VFX in Hindi films! Good job!”. 

Joker will create history in Indian Cinema! The VFX look like never before!"

To the morbidly condemning...

"The aliens in Joker are tacky to the core. VFX is horrible to say the least, and don't even go looking for any resemblance of a script."

"Lame Dry Humour, Bad VFX and Dragging the Film makes it look bad!"

...they say all press is good press right?

You should check out the trailer for yourself here, and maybe get involved in an online slanging match of your own.

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