A hell of a lot of animals!

A hell of a lot of animals!

Regardless of the controversy surrounding the recent Academy award for Best Visual Effects, given to Life of Pi last month, it is important to remember that R&H was not the only studio to have had creative influence to the film.

Paris post house BUF also contributed to the visually epic scene in which Richard Parker endeavours in a hallucinogenic journey to the seabed, encountering various creatures on the way. If you saw this film at the cinema (especially if you saw it in 3D) you’ll remember the scene….

A studio representative from BUF is quoted as saying…

 “To satisfy the request for the transition from the body of the sperm whale to the whale’s form comprised of animals, we explored many avenues with Ang. We had tests where the skin was tearing apart, which we felt gave it an organic feeling. Although these tests were visually interesting, they were not part of the final version. In the end Ang was happiest with the skin simply shrinking and fading away.”

Check out the 4 minute breakdown video above, it shows how the team came around to making a hippopotamus, a rhinoceros, two crocodiles, a giraffe, a baby elephant, a zebra, a lioness two foxes, a bear, a boar and a leopard (breathes in) morph out of one Sperm whale. It’s pretty darn cool!

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