A dedication to the genre of Sci-Fi

A dedication to the genre of Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi-London (The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film) kicks off today, boasting a fantastic line up of titles – some new and some offering more of a nostalgic trip down memory lane. We’re particularly excited about the short film programme, Shorts Programme 2, to be screened on the closing day, Sunday 4 May, at BFI Southbank.

Every year we enjoy checking out this category, but this year our interest is a bit more personal. Our VFX Producing tutor Hasraf (HaZ) Dulull has not just one, but two of his short films screening that day. ‘Project Kronos’ and ‘I.R.I.S’ are his latest shorts doing the rounds at international film festivals and as we know the competition for selection in a festival like Sci-Fi-London is tough, HaZ should feel particularly proud that two of his personal projects have made the line-up.

An emerging talent as Writer/Director, HaZ has a career background in visual effects. Starting out in video game cinematic CG sequences, HaZ moved into visual effects for film, where he’s worked as a Compositor, VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer. His films all exhibit a unique visual style, no doubt one of the benefits from working in such a visually creative field for so long. But most importantly, his films are brilliantly crafted stories and will not disappoint.

HaZ is known for another ambitious short film project, ‘Fubar Redux’. If you manage to check out both ‘Project Kronos’ and ‘I.R.I.S’ then make sure you check Fubar out also. Described as ‘Animal Farm’ meets ‘Platoon’, it’s a short film that is sure to blow the mind.

Enjoy the festival!

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