A Deadly Combination!

A Deadly Combination!

In this modern age, the desk of the busy designer is likely to be filled with graphics tablets, laptops and PC’s, and let’s be honest, there is such a thing as too much clutter.  But hopefully when this invention hits the design world, things will change!

French designer Amir Labidi has developed a laptop concept with the working title ‘LapTouch’ and it’s designed specifically for the creative community.

Its aim is to combine design functions and thus reduce desktop congestion. Labidi himself is also a user of a graphics tablet and computer; they say necessity is the mother of invention!

Although there are touchpad laptops already on the market, Labidi has formulated his idea with a specific group of people in mind, and its killer feature is a larger removable touchpad which also doubles up as a graphics tablet, saving the user valuable time when they would usually have to move their hands over to the keyboard for navigation.

Until the patent is approved, you creative types will have to stick with the desk clutter, but keep your eyes peeled for this creation - we also have our fingers crossed that it’s not too far away!

Check out the Labidi’s blog for a better look at the prototype!

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