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A CG Rebuild to Recreate a Beauty Render in NUKE

Compositing is an essential part of the visual effects process in the film industry today. It’s the glue that holds all aspects of a CG shot together, helping convince audiences to believe that what they see is real. The beauty of this role for a lot of compositors is that they get to think about the bigger picture. These are the guys who combine the assets shot on set, the 2D elements and CG to make up the final shot ready for edit. They are the ones composing the elements to convey the emotion and feeling within a shot.  

Simon Richardson Breaks it Down
Simon Richardson is an escapee and now Studio Assistant at Escape who is passionate about the art of compositing. He has put together a short video that will walk you through a basic CG rebuild inside NUKE, using Maya’s Mental Ray passes. This is a great opportunity for newbies out there to get a taste of what it is to work as a compositor. It is an insight into some of the fundamental techniques of creating a shot ready for the edit. This tutorial will give you a glimpse into the skills studied on our 12 week compositing course. You can check out the full details by clicking here.

The Highlights:

  • CG rebuild to recreate a beauty render
  • Brief overview of EXR file formats
  • Overview of the shuffle node
  • Similarities between NUKE and Adobe Photoshop / After Effects

Total video time – 14:46


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