A Career in VFX… a world of possibility!

A Career in VFX… a world of possibility!

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a career in Visual Effects is far from boring. As far as careers go, this is an industry that keeps us on our toes, offering us a never ending number of new creative project ideas to be realised, fun new problems to be solved and new technologies to be developed. This is an industry that constantly pushes us to learn and discover more.

Yes the Hollywood side of VFX is probably why most of us love working in this industry, but CG artists are putting their skills and knowledge to good use in lots of different areas. And this is what you’ll discover during our webinar with Junior Lighting TD and Escape graduate Alastair Cross next week.

Alastair’s inspiration to move into VFX stemmed from his love for computer graphics. Games and movies were certainly a big driver; but it’s the blend of artistic creativity and technical prowess that keep him continually motivated in his career, along with the sheer range of project opportunities out there.

If you’d like to see another side to VFX and the scope of opportunities available to a skilled CG artist, join Alastair as he shares the story of his career since graduating Escape. Learn how he went from the classroom to being an onset VFX Supervisor for a BP project in a matter of months and how working with boutique VFX facility, Polar Media, led him to an exciting collaboration with MPC.

This webinar takes place on Wednesday 29th May. To join us for this webinar, register here.

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