A Career in Games: Smart Move

A Career in Games: Smart Move

According to the UKIE, “UK development leads the charge on Motion Controlled Gaming and in the All Format chart”. Figures released earlier in the week show that games made by UK developers account for 42% of all units sold for Microsoft’s Kinect since its launch. Those are pretty impressive results and something that we should be celebrating. Pity the government doesn’t value the industry enough to maintain the tax breaks for the games industry – you can read more about this in a recent post by Lee Danskin.

What these figures all boil down to, is that the games industry in the UK is not only doing well, it is competing well. For of all of you who are currently considering making a move into games, I reckon you’re making a smart move.

Like all other areas of the entertainment industry, the games industry is very much focused on skills. Getting a job will largely depend on your ability to demonstrate that you can do the job. That means building the best reel possible and gaining as much work experience as you can. Thankfully, the prevalence of new gaming devices and platforms like smart phones and Facebook present young artists with numerous opportunities to gain valuable experience and demonstrate their skills. So, like I said, smart move…

That's what our recent Games Art course graduates also think. You can take a look at some of the sample work they created during their course with us here.

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